How To Tie An Alberto Knot

Learn How to tie an Alberto Knot in 4 easy steps with pictures. The Alberto Knot is the preferred knot for an increasingly popular technique in bass fishing: Tying fluorocarbon leader to a spool of braid. This technique is gaining steam for anglers looking to have maximum action braid on the line but presents to fish with nearly invisible fluorocarbon. The following instructions show braid with a fluorocarbon leader. Using an Alberto knot.

How To Tie The Alberto Knot With Pictures

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Materials: 2 lines of different diameters. (i.e.) mono line and braided line
  • Tools: Sharp Scissors

1) Double the fluorocarbon line over itself, at least 6 inches.

2) Pass the braid line through the loop created by doubling the fluorocarbon line, pulling through at least 6 inches. Begin wrapping the tag end of the braid around the two fluorocarbon lines, seven times total.

3) Go back over those wraps in the opposite direction with seven more wraps. Passing the tag end back through the loop of the fluoro the way it came in. Both ends of the braid are coming out the same direction in the loop.

4) Grab the tag end and mainline of the fluoro in one hand and the tag end and the mainline of the braid in the other hand and pull snugly until the knot cinches down.

how to tie an alberto knot with braided line connected to mono line. Fishing hook point in cork with alberto knot being shown
Learn How To Tie An Alberto Knot

How To Tie An Alberto Knot Things To Remember

After finishing the last step you will want to pull both mainlines and secure the knot and test its strength and slippage before trimming the tag ends on each side. You can cut the tags pretty close on this knot so it will easily come through the guides.

Once you tie the Alberto knot a few times it really does go much faster. They key is learning how to grab the lines with your fingers and wrapping with the other fingers. Which can be tricky, but with practice you can become fairly efficient at this rather quickly.

Alberto Knot Review

You just tied the Alberto knot! Remember, this is a great knot to use when connecting lines of different diameters or material. If you want to learn how to tie the best line-to-line knot for similar or equal diameter lines, read the steps on how to tie the Double Uni Knot.

The Alberto Knot wraps one tag, and it works well with different sizes of line. It’s perfect for attaching a fresh line to the backing on your reel. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Bertrand uses it for attaching fluorocarbon leaders to braided lines, from light-line drop shots in deep water to heavy cover frogging in clear water. He likes it because the two tags lay flat against the main lines, which means the knot moves through line guides without a hitch.

Joining two pieces of line, especially if they are different pound tests, can push the patience of even the most saintly angler. The blood knot has been the standard for that situation over the years. But it requires wrapping two tags in different directions and then bringing them back through a middle loop from opposite directions. It’s wonderful when it comes together tight and strong. But when it doesn’t, you’re left pleading for a better way. Lucky for you, you just learned how to tie one with the Alberto Knot.

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