Spotlight Bass Fishing Videos

Watch This Week's Spotlight Bass Fishing Video

Watch this week’s slamming bass fishing video spotlight. Here is the ongoing list of our weekly “spotlight” bass fishing videos that the Slamming Bass staff feature on our homepage, updated weekly. If you have any suggestions or recommendations we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message at [email protected] or reach out to us on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

Our Spotlight Bass Fishing Videos for 2022

Week of January 3rd - Fishing with Nordbye

Week of Janaury 10th - Marling Baits

Week of January 17th - NDYakAngler

Week of January 24th - 603Bass

Week of January 31st - Wheeler Fishing

Week of February 7th - FISHERYIN

Week of February 14th - OttDeFoe

Week of February 21st - Dude Perfect

Week of March 1st - Jacob Wheeler's Top 5 Baits For March

Week of March 7th - 2022 Bassmasters Classic: Jason Christie

Week of March 21st - Big Mistake Anglers Make In The Spring

Week of March 28th - Best Day of Pond Fishing!

Week of April 11th - Gilly Swimbait Underwater Action

Week of April 18th - Marling Baits Makes Bass Popper Swimbait

Week of May 2nd - NDYakAngler With Bird Lure Slams Monster Bass!

Week of May 23rd - Top Baits For Post Spawn Bass Fishing

Week of May 30th - Bass Pro Shops Budget Fishing Challenge

Week of June 13th - 90% of Bass Fishing in 15 Minutes

Week of July 25th - Topwater Tricks For Summer Bass Fishing!

Week of June 27th - Hot Summer Morning Bass Fishing With a Powerbait Plastic Crawfish

Week of Aug 8th - Fishing A Beaver Lure For Big Bass!

Week of October 17th - Fall Bass Fishing: Trick To Target Offshore And Suspended Bass!

Week of November 7th - RECORD DAY OF BASS FISHING

Week of December 12th - Buddy Gross and His Offshore Hair Jig Strategy

Week of December 26th - Pond Bass Fishing Slamming Big Bass On Beds

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