How To Tie A Double Uni Knot

How To Tie a Double Uni Knot in 4 Easy Steps With Pictures

how to tie a double uni knot completed

You can join 2 lines of varying or similar strengths with this fishing knot. It is basically tying the uni knot with the line doubled, twice at 2 ends. It is used by both salt and freshwater anglers. When tying braid to mono, make 5+ turns with the mono and 8 turns with the slippery braid. It can unite a fluorocarbon leader with a braided main line and is a good mono to mono knot.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Overlap The Lines

how to tie double uni knot step 1

Overlap the ends of lines to be joined. Take the end of the line from the left and double back and make 3 to 4 wraps around both lines and through the loop that was formed. Pull the tag end to tighten.

Note: When tying mono to the braided line, make 5 turns with the mono and 8 turns with the braid.

Repeat Wraps

how to tie double unit knot step 2

Repeat with the end of the line on the left making the same number of wraps unless tying with a braided line in which you should double the number of wraps.

Slide Together

how to tie double uni knot step 3

You have now tied two Uni knots. Pull the standing lines in the opposite directions to slide the two knots together.

Clip Ends

how to tie a double uni knot completed

Clip the ends close to the knot.


  • Sharp Scissors

Materials: Mono Fishing Line and/or Braided Fishing Line

Double Uni Knot Review

This knot is used by anglers in both salt and fresh water for joining lines of similar or different strengths. Bass fishing legend Roland Martin considers the Double Uni the best knot for tying braided lines to a fluorocarbon or monofilament leader. It works well and some find it easier to tie than the Blood Knot. When tying in braided line to mono or fluoro, make 6 to 8 turns with the slippery braided line and 5+ turns with the mono (depending on its thickness – less with heavier line).

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