How To Tie A Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is great not only for tying a hook but also for attaching the line to a reel. The Uni Knot is popular because of how easy it is to tie and its versatility.

Follow the step-by-step instructions with pictures below for a quick visual on how to tie a Uni Knot.

How to tie a Uni Knot in 4 easy steps with pictures

  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Materials: Fishing Hook, Fishing Line
  • Tools: Sharp Scissors

Run line through eye of hook and double back parallel to the standing line. Make a loop by laying tag end over the doubled line.

how to tie uni knot step 1

Make 6 turns with the tag end around the double line and through the loop.

how to tie uni knot step 2

Moisten lines and pull tag end to snug up the turns.

How to tie uni knot step 3

Slide knot down to the eye or leave a small loop if desired.

How to tie uni knot completed

Uni Knot Review

Of all the fishing knots out there, the Uni Knot is one that all anglers need to know because it can be effectively used for so many different connections. Many anglers refer to the Uni Knot as “The most useful fishing knot.” Not only can it be used for tying directly to hooks and lures (traditional “uni knot”), And it works on an assortment of different lines and sizes. 

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