How To Rig An Inu Rig

How To Rig The Inu Rig

Welcome the hottest and newest bass fishing technique. This soft-plastic rigging isn't the easiest to pull off, but we hope to make it a little easier for you. With our step-by-step instructions on how to rig an inu rig.

Visit our Inu Rig page for more information, details, and tips on the inu rig. 

inu rig fishing rig
Total Time Needed: 15 minutes

Required Tools:

- Scissors

Things Needed?

- Soft plastic bait.
- Hook.
- Straw or Tube.
- Super glue.
- Split ring.
- Fishing line.

Steps to rig the Inu Rig

1. Bend & Measure
Bend your soft plastic of choice and measure where the plastic tube should enter each section.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 1
2. Insert Tube
Insert the tube at a 30-degree angle near the nose of the bait.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 2
3. Push Tube Through The Center
Push the tube through the center of the bait, where you marked it earlier.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 3
4. Push Tube Through The Tail
Push the tube through the tail section of your bait. Ideally, the bends in the bait will be equally spaced.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 4
5. Trim Tube Sections
Snip the tube sections close to the bait. To better secure the tubes, add a tab of super glue.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 5
6. Thread Hook
Thread a hook on your line, point facing away from the tag end.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 6
7. Thread Your Line
Thread your line through each section of the inserted tubes, ending at the tail of the bait.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 7
Tie a split ring to your line. This is your only connection, so make it a good one.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 8
9. Insert Hook Into Bait
Insert the hook into the bait, making certain the eye of the hook is perfectly aligned with the tube.
how do you rig an inu rig, step 9

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