Winter Bass Fishing Gear Review

Winter bass are lazy creatures. So, the gear and baits you use when the water is warmer will not be as effective when it’s cold. Add this gear to your arsenal to increase effectiveness while winter fishing. 

When twitched with your rod tip, this innovative jerk bait kicks nearly 180 degrees right, then left, then from rises slowly on the pause… the perfect plug to fish during a winter shad kill! It comes in 23 realistic color patterns. Check pricing.

Once a winter lunker inhales this cool craw, those telltale spines jutting out from the bait’s body writhe and wriggle, prompting the bass to chomp down harder and giving you ample time to set the hook. Check prices now.

Designed to fool winter bass feeding on dying shad, the Northland Rippin’ Minnow is a combination jig/glide bait that captures the struggles of an expiring baitfish. The hard head and soft “chewable” body are jointed for unbelievable action. Check prices now

When layered over a lightweight, insulated shell, this premium raincoat will keep body warmth in and chilling wind and rain out. The Speedvent hood alleviates neck strain when you’re running down the lake at high speeds. Check price.

This is a great choice for winter pitching and flipping. This lightweight 7-foot, 6-inch stick features a proprietary blend of 30- and 40-ton graphite for enhanced strength, sensitivity, and impact resistance. It’s available in medium-heavy and heavy configurations. See latest deals.

Not only the perfect flipping and pitching reel, this may be the only reel you really need for dredging up big bass from murky, stump-filled lakes in winter. Its narrow spool and fixed-line guide enhance accuracy while making short-line presentations. Check out the latest offers now.

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