An Epic Day

What An Epic Day!

Holy cow you guys! What a morning! Can’t wait to tell you. When I get settled in at work I may send you a few texts about this crazy morning. Trust me, you’re gonna like it. And Coach like you’ve always said this stuff should be on the internet somewhere.

Several Short Stories Inbound...

Swam at 0500, crushed 1,850 meters straight, no rest in approx 35 minutes. Despise the Friday’s kids go to moms, like today, sucks. Fishing usually helps me to gather myself, get re-centered, focus. I’m convinced that the Mississippi River is part of me like a supplemental blood supply that I need running thru me. I only had about 30 minutes to fish. Once I stepped in the water I started feeling better.

standing in the Mississippi River

Landed a nice little smallmouth. Hit the popper and went on full attack mode like a Japanese Warrior. In honor of his fighting spirit, I named him Brozai!

*Brozai was a typo should have been Bronzai…it was a typo

Combination of:

  • Bronze -describing the smallie
  • Banzai – the Japanese Warrior cry
smallmouth bass catch on flyrod

On my drive back I stopped and took a pic of this old guy in waders fly fishing. I said

“Hello future self, you’re still a boss”

old man fishing

Saw some amazing sun rays by the barge terminal too

sun rays coming in by the barge terminal in Winona, MN

Almost home and I said, man what a wild morning, unreal. I didn’t NEED a reason why this morning was the way it was, I was grateful for it. However, the wonder had my brain searching for a “why”. Then I remembered, Oh yeah. I went to Marine boot camp 30 F’N years ago…today is an epic day!

marine boot camp picture

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