How To Fish A Chatterbait For Bass

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How To Fish a Chatterbait For Bass

At first glance, a chatterbait fishing lure appears like a spinnerbait with a bent blade and another missing. Also known as a vibrating jig or bladed jig, the chatterbait can be fished from late winter through the autumn months, with spring being the most productive time of the year. As long as you know how to fish a chatterbait for bass, you can have successful outings whenever you choose to hit the water.

A small square piece of metal with trimmed corners attached to the front of a bass jig gives the lure its strong vibration. And that is one of the keys to attracting strikes from lurking bass. The vibrating action puts extra shimmy in the lures’ skirt. Add a small soft-plastic trailer and the chatterbait has a larger profile.

Back in 2006 the original ChatterBait patented by Z-Man Fishing hit the fishing market and was an instant success. Bass anglers from coast to coast wanted to get their hands on this versatile lure. In 2013 the vibrating jig was responsible for several tour wins and top finishes on the FLW and B.A.S.S. tournament trail.

The lure has characteristics of several lures in one. The flash of the blade attracts the bass’ attention like a spinnerbait. The vibration simulates a large crankbait. The jig and skirt profile mimics different types of baitfish. The chatterbait is a special lure and easy to fish.

how to fish a chatterbait for bass

Pick A Spot

The vibrating jig can be fished almost anywhere and in any type of cover. This characteristic makes the lure very versatile on any lake. The fiber weed guard helps make the lure virtually weedless. With varying weights, sizes, and colors the vibrating jig should be the first choice for spring bass anglers.

Weeds and grass beds are another top location to fish the chatterbait. The weedless characteristics of the lure help it slide though emergent and underwater vegetation. A slow, steady retrieve will emulate a baitfish feeding in the weeds.

Anglers should focus on casting the vibrating jig along the edges of the weed or grass mats. Small open pockets in the weed patches are other top targets that could hold bass. When fishing shallow water, downsizing to a 1/4- or 3/8- ounce size lure will help anglers with a faster retrieve.

Wood or brush cover should not be overlooked by anglers. Don’t shy away from the thick tangles of brush. The chatterbait is designed to fish heavy cover. Hit the outside edges first and then make some casts to the heart of the cover to entice a waiting bass.

chatterbait for bass fishing

Skip Shallow or Toss It Deep

One advantage of the bladed jig is that it can be skipped under docks, overhanging limbs, and brush. The lure is more compact than a standard spinnerbait. This allows the vibrating jig to skip across the water’s surface easier. Bass hiding under docks and brush probably haven’t seen this type of lure.

Anglers should avoid bulky, heavy trailers when skipping a vibrating jig. A slender or streamlined trailer will allow the bait to skip further. A bulky or long trailer will catch on the surface pulling energy from the cast slowing the lure too quickly.

Gear To Use When Using Chatterbait For Bass Fishing

Generally, baitcasting gear is used when fishing chatterbait for bass. Most pro anglers prefer a long rod around 7 feet in a medium to medium-heavy with a parabolic action. This action allows the rod to bend in the middle section and helps increase the odds of hooking the fish.

Line size and type will depend on the cover and fishing conditions. In open water, fluorocarbon line in the 17 to 20 pound-test range works well. In heavy cover like weeds and grass, a braided line to around 50 pound-test will assist in pulling big bass from the cover.

On vibrating jigs, the blade is far out front of the hook. Many anglers want to set the hook hard and fast when a strike occurs. However, with chatterbait lures, it is better to have a short delay on the hookset to allow the fish to completely take the lure.


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