Indiana’s Bass Fishing Milestone: A New Indiana State Record Smallmouth Bass

The Catch That Could Rewrite Records

In a stunning angling feat earlier this month, Rex Remington landed a smallmouth bass at Monroe Lake, Indiana, that has the potential to shatter a 32-year-old state record. Weighing in at an impressive 8.23 pounds on a certified scale under the watchful eyes of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials, Remington’s catch could exceed the previous record by nearly a pound. Following the weigh-in, Remington exhibited a commendable conservation ethic by releasing the bass back into its natural habitat.

Indiana state record smallmouth bass - Rex Remington holding his new state record smallmouth bass

The Verification Process

The Indiana DNR is currently meticulously evaluating Remington’s submission to officially recognize this catch as the new state record. Marty Benson, a spokesperson for the Indiana DNR, noted the agency’s policy of withholding comments on potential records until the verification process is completed. However, the prospects for Remington’s record are promising, bolstered by photographic evidence circulating on social media showcasing the bass’s trophy-worthy stature. This anticipation is not unwarranted, especially when considering the global smallmouth bass record—a hefty 11-pounder from Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee—has remained unchallenged since 1955.

Monroe Lake: A Surprising Venue

Remarkably, Remington’s potential record-setting catch emerged from Monroe Lake, a water body traditionally celebrated for its largemouth bass population rather than smallmouths. As Indiana’s largest lake, encompassing around 10,000 acres and situated approximately 65 miles south of Indianapolis, Monroe Lake has now been thrust into the limelight for possibly nurturing a state-record smallmouth bass, challenging previous assumptions about its fishery dynamics.

Previous Indiana State Record Smallmouth Bass and Historical Context

The standing Indiana state record for smallmouth bass—a 7-pound, 4-ounce specimen—was captured by Dana Yoder at Twin Lake in 1992. For over three decades, this record has been a benchmark for Hoosier anglers, many of whom believed it would stand the test of time. Remington’s catch not only brings excitement to the Indiana angling community but also rekindles the spirit of competition and the endless possibilities that fishing in the state’s waters holds.

Conservation and Ethical Angling

Remington’s decision to release the record-size smallmouth bass back into Monroe Lake is a noteworthy example of responsible fishing practices. Such actions underscore the importance of conservation, ensuring that these aquatic resources remain for future generations to enjoy and potentially surpass current records.

Awaiting Official Confirmation

As the Indiana DNR concludes its review process, the angling community awaits with bated breath for the official announcement. Whether or not Remington’s catch is certified as the new state record, it has already made a significant impact by highlighting the quality of Indiana’s bass fishing and the unexpected potential of Monroe Lake as a trophy smallmouth bass destination.

Indiana state record smallmouth bass - Rex Remington holding his new state record smallmouth bass

Rex Remington’s remarkable catch from Monroe Lake could indeed mark a new chapter in Indiana’s fishing history, showcasing the thrill of the sport and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the angling community. As we anticipate the official results, this event serves as a powerful reminder of the surprises that nature holds and the enduring allure of fishing as a pursuit of the extraordinary.

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