Reel Review: Daiwa Steez CT70

Daiwa Steez CT70

Expanding on the performance of its high-end Steez line, Daiwa introduced the new lightweight, low-profile CT70. The reel optimizes the company’s technological breakthroughs to present a 5.3-ounce reel equally capable of casting big baits and making finesse presentations. With a well-balanced and ergonomic design, the Daiwa Steez CT70 is built to fit comfortably in the angler’s hand for long periods without sacrificing consistency. Filled with Daiwa’s high-tech design details, as well as the finer touches characteristic of the Steez family, this new reel was conceived with the discerning angler in mind.

Daiwa Steez CT70 baitcaster reel review

A magnesium frame, handle side and sideplate ensure lightweight rigidity, while special paints and coatings allow this reel to stand up to occasional brackish or saltwater overlap. Inside, Daiwa’s newly advanced Hyper Drive design uses special cut gearing and proprietary tooth shape, along with a smaller tooth pattern to achieve maximum tooth engagement. A dual-bearing, supported pinion gear maintains precise alignment for silky smooth operation. Available in right- and left-hand models with 7.1:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratios, this reel also includes Daiwa’s innovative line-managing T-Wing System and an ultralight G1 Duralumin SV (Stress-Free Versatile) long-cast spool. The CT70 is made with a 90-mm handle and oversized knobs for comfort and extra winding power.

Two more enhancements stacking the deck for the CT70 are its T-Wing System and an ultralight G1 Duralumin SV (Stress-Free Versatile) long-cast spool. Daiwa’s pioneering T-wing System utilizes separate aperture settings for casting and retrieving. Barely noticeable to the eye, this advancement improves casting distance and accuracy by more evenly packing line on the spool. SV spool baitcasting technology also enhances casting distance by automatically adjusting spool tension at the beginning and end of each cast to overcome spool inertia and eliminate overruns when throwing lightweight and standard-weight lures.



Daiwa Steez CT70 

No matter how well a reel casts and how nice it feels during the retrieve, none of that matters if you can’t put the brakes on what you hook. Daiwa made sure the Steez CT70 does not fall short in this regard by including its Ultimate Tournament Drag System comprising impregnated drag discs (significantly greater durability than normal discs), which increase the effective drag power compared to normal drag systems, while also reducing start-up resistance. The CT70 is Daiwa’s first baitcaster to include the Daiwa Executive Steez Service Warranty, which provides cleaning and service at no charge for as long as the angler owns the reel (proof of purchase required).


  • CRBB – lasting 12x longer than standard stainless steel bearings.
  • Magnesium Body
  • SV Spool
  • Hyper Drive Design

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