Gear Review: 6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait

What Is It?
6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait

Fishing enthusiasts are always looking for the best gear to improve their fishing experience. With the rise of modern technology, fishing tackle has undergone tremendous transformations recently, and the 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 is one of the latest innovations in this space. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 Crankbait and evaluate its performance, design, and features.

6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait - Delta Craw pattern

Design and Build

The 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 Crankbait boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The attention to detail in the design is evident, with the lure’s shape, size, and weight being precisely calculated to ensure optimal performance in the water. The 6th Sense Curve 55 utilizes a specialized weight system to make this smaller-sized crankbait dance in the water with an abstract side-to-side motion. Diving in the 5 to 9-foot depth range with a tight wobble, the Curve can be cranked along rocky banks and gravel flats, over grass, and near just about any other structure.


Not only a great bait for smallmouth, but it can also be an excellent bait for largemouth and spotted bass. This bait truly shines when you are cranking rocky banks, points, and flats that you need the bait to be in that five-to-ten-foot range. The rounded bill is designed to reflect off of rocks and help the bait produce a tight wiggle. The bait also features a unique weight chamber that is U-shaped which causes the lure to hunt erratically upon the retrieve and improves castability.

In addition to its functional features, the 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 is also available in various colors, allowing anglers to choose the one that best suits their fishing conditions.

How Much?

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6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 Crankbait

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Angler’s Insight

Delivering an erratic hunting action that provokes fish into striking, the 6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait moves through the water like a curve ball. Its unique U-shaped weight chamber causes the internal weight to swing left and right rather than front to rear, which causes the Curve 55 Crankbait to swim with an unpredictable side-to-side motion that fish cannot resist.

The 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 is a top-performing fishing lure designed with the angler in mind. With its durable construction and range of features, the 6th Sense Fishing Curve 55 is a must-have

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