Reel Review: 13 Fishing Origin F1 Reel

13 Fishing Origin F1 Reel

Terms like “sleek and low fastback body” might sound like a discussion of sports cars, but 13 Fishing has crafted a sleek new look for a reel that packs a lot of performance into its attractive frame. The Origin 1 baitcaster features a Beetle Wing side plate that provides convenient access to an external magnetic spool control. 13 Fishing also made this reel Trick Shop Compatible, which means anglers can easily swap out parts for a customized look. This design allows users to quickly exchange reels for maximum flexibility.

13 Fishing Origin 1 Reel
13 Fishing Origin F1 Reel

Key features include the Venti 20-pound, six-disk Carbon Drag System, which works with the magnetic control system and Instant Stop Anti Reverse for maximum fish-fighting power. Available in right- and left-hand models, the Origin 1 includes seven total ball bearings and comes with 6.6:1 gear ratio (25 inches per crank) and 8.1:1 gear ratio (31 inches per crank), weighing 7.9 and 8.1 ounces, respectively.

$55.86 – 78.99

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13 Fishing has consistently delivered well-conceived reels with performance-driven focus. One of the company’s top features is the Arrowhead Casting System, which provides consistent line leveling on the cast and retrieve. Bad things happen when line is allowed to exit and return with minimal supervision. 13 Fishing’s design equips the angler with an extra layer of control that not only extends casting distance; it helps eliminate those time-wasting frustrations.

The F1 takes pole position in its category of reels, its sleek and low fastback body shape is a departure from outdated reel designs. The Venti 20LB 6 Disk Carbon Drag System works in conjunction with the Instant Stop Anti Reverse to put down the power and stamp out any hope a fish has at escape before being photographed. The F1 carries features never seen before in its category like the long casting Arrowhead Casting System, and Beetle Wing Side-plate that allows for rapid spool exchanges. If you want more for less this 7 bearing reel claims the top spot on the podium.

• Beetle Wing Side-Plate
• Venti 20LB 6 Disk Carbon Drag System
• MCS – Magnet Control System
• Instant Stop Anti-Reverse
• Arrowhead Casting System
• 7 Total Ball Bearings
• Trick Shop Compatible

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