Handmade Spinnerbait From Marling Baits

If You Don't Know Marling Baits - You Should

Spinnerbaits are a classic bass lure, as bass are attracted to the vibration and flash of the spinning blade or blades. Fishing a spinnerbait is fairly simple, and has led many anglers to some of their greatest catches.

Even better are handmade spinnerbaits. The video below is from Marling Baits. He makes a handmade spinnerbait in one day and goes fishing with it the same day. As Marling says, “One Day!” enjoy this awesome video of Marling making and fishing with a spinnerbait. 

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Marling Baits. You should, he is an extremely talented bait maker in Iowa. Check out Marling Baits YouTube channel. 

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