Gear Review: St Croix Mojo Bass Trigon Casting Rod

St Croix Mojo Bass Trigon Casting Rod

st croix mojo bass trigon rod

St. Croix, a beacon of reliability and innovation in the angling world, has impressively continued its legacy of delivering top-tier products with the unveiling of the Mojo Bass TRIGON rods. This series, brimming with ergonomic advancements rooted in anthropometric research, provides an amalgamation of finesse, versatility, and performance tailored for the modern bass angler.

The beauty of the St Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON lineup lies in its inclusivity. The series accommodates a diverse range of fishing techniques, making it a staple addition to any angler’s arsenal. From BFS presentations to managing the heft of an eight-ounce swimbait, the array of lengths, powers, and actions ensures that every angling technique has its counterpart in this collection. The comprehensive spectrum of 25 casting and nine spinning models (34 in total) attests to St. Croix’s commitment to delivering a holistic fishing experience.

It’s not every day that one witnesses a fishing rod exude such a premium aura. The St Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON rods are a testament to St. Croix’s dedication to marrying functionality with aesthetics. At its core, the rod’s design roots back to extensive anthropometric research. This science-based ergonomic approach ensures that each rod melds seamlessly with the angler’s hand, optimizing grip, reducing fatigue, and enhancing overall tactile feedback. This level of research-backed design is often reserved for high-end products, making its presence in a mid-tier product all the more commendable.

The rod’s backbone, the SCIII carbon fiber blank, is a name synonymous with durability and sensitivity. For select reaction-bait models, St. Croix leverages 100% Linear S-Glass blanks, showcasing their proficiency in selecting the right material for the task. This ensures that each cast, strike, and retrieval translates effectively through the rod, offering the angler an unparalleled connection with the underwater world.

$175 – $270


St Croix Mojo Bass Trigon Casting Rod

Perhaps the crown jewels of this series are the proprietary Dynamix reel seat and the TRIGON handle design. The Dynamix reel seat, an epitome of stability, ensures that the reel remains steadfastly in place, optimizing the transfer of subtle bites and strikes. Meanwhile, the TRIGON handle, with its science-backed ergonomic design, facilitates a natural grasp. This not only aids in reducing hand fatigue but also ensures that the angler can maintain a firm grip, even during challenging conditions.

The Mojo Bass TRIGON rods by St. Croix aren’t just fishing rods; they represent a philosophy where science, innovation, and performance harmoniously converge. For bass anglers, both budding and seasoned, these rods offer a tantalizing proposition: to experience the pinnacle of ergonomic design without breaking the bank. The Mojo Bass TRIGON series, with its exhaustive range and meticulous design, sets new benchmarks in the world of bass fishing, asserting itself as a must-have for any angler keen on elevating their game.

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