How To Make A Tokyo Rig

How To: The Tokyo Rig With Jacob Wheeler

How to rig a Tokyo rig in 3 easy-to-follow steps with video instruction from Jacob Wheeler. Enjoy! 

Estimated Time: 7 minutes

Tools: Pliers

Materials: Two – 1/2 oz bullet weight, 4/0 Tokyo rig hook, plastic creature bait. 

Step 1: Add Bullet Weights

Begin by sliding one bullet weight onto wire upwards, similar to a texas rig. Then slide the second bullet weight onto wire opposite direction. 

Step 2: Bend Wire

Use your pliers to grab the end of the wire and bend it just a little. You actually do not need to turn the wire all the way up. 

Step 3: Rig Plastic Onto Hook

Rig your plastic bait onto your hook as you would for a texas rig. 

tokyo rig

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