5 Bass Fishing Weeds And Grass Tips

Fishing The Weeds For Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing weeds and grass can be a little tricky at times and it can also feel overwhelming. Grass grows from the bank out to 14ft of water. When it comes to fishing a weed line one of the first things I like to do is eliminate water. Two of the best places to look for bass in the grass include right on the bank and also on the very outside grass line. Start in these places.

Also, you always want to keep lure selection simple while fishing for bass in the grass. There is no need to constantly change your lures when most of the time once you get around the fish, they will bite!

Watch These 5 Summer Bass Fishing Weeds And Grass Tips

When Bass Fishing Weeds And Grass Know Your Environment

There are two main types of aquatic vegetation, submergent and emergent. Submergent aquatic vegetation are plants that grow completely below the water’s surface. Examples include eelgrass, milfoil, and many native species of Potamogeton, which some anglers refer to as cabbage. Emergent aquatic vegetation are plants that some portions of which grow above the water’s surface. Examples include lily pads, rushes, and arrowhead.

Largemouth bass can usually be found in shallow water any given day, and more than likely they will be drawn toward some sort of cover—be it wood, rocks, or vegetation. In water bodies that contain aquatic vegetation, it is almost certain that some of these shallow bass will be found in it. Of course, not all vegetation is created equal. Numbers and sizes of bass will depend on a number of factors including access to deep water, the prevalence of baitfish, and the types of vegetation present.

bass fishing weeds and grass

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